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Reduce Inflammation and Lose Weight Now

August 28

Your diet is the main catalyst in weight loss, but it isn’t just about counting calories. Studies have shown that reducing inflammation may be the solution to help you reach your desired weight. A major problem that has been found to be responsible for many health problems, inflammation has recently been attributed to obesity, too. Certain foods that contain …

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Healthy Cooking

Brussels Sprouts and Hazelnuts

August 21

If you have trouble eating your vegetables or can’t get your kids to at least try some of the green varieties, try this twist on Brussels sprouts for a healthy switch. Hazelnuts have a distinctive taste and are usually reserved for desserts, making this an enticing topping for a common vegetable.

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 Women’s Health

Major Age Dangers Lurking In Your Home

August 14

There are many factors that can cause premature aging and some of these dangers could be hiding inside your home. No matter how many anti-age creams and lotions you have, if you are guilty of succumbing to the below temptations, you may be aging yourself well beyond your years. The top 10 …

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Chia – The Champion Of Seeds

August 7

Chia pets were common when I was growing up. They were sold in stores everywhere and came in a little terra cotta pot, all you had to do was add water and it grew into the shape of an animal overnight. Now, chia has gained popularity again, but not just as a grassy green animal shaped plant. Chia seeds are …

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