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Let In The Light With Affirmations of Love

June 26

Affirmations are like opening the windows and letting the light from the sun shine in. Overcome with negative thoughts and confusing messages from outside sources, affirmations unleash the bonds of negativity to bring forth our own natural light from within. Affirmations are a positive way to affirm your beliefs and …

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10 Diet Tips To Help You Lose Weight Now

June 19

1. Believe in yourself. Believe you have the power to make the changes necessary to lose weight. Believe that this time, you will succeed.

2. State aloud your desire to lose weight. Daily affirmations begin with…

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Healthy Cooking

Ficarelli Fagioli

June 12

A Ficarelli Family Favorite. We try to have this a few times each month, especially in the winter.
Not a quick fix, this meal takes a while to prepare, but the taste is worth the extra time.

1-1/4 cups of favorite dried northern beans
2 quarts water
Olive oil spray
1 tsp …

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 Women’s Health

Is Your Caffeine Addiction Robbing You of Sleep?

June 5

For an effective women’s fitness program, every girl needs to get plenty of sleep. Rest and relaxation are crucial to overall health and the lack of sleep can actually prevent you from losing weight. If you are drinking too much caffeine throughout the day or especially close to bedtime, your coffee, power drink or soda may be …

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