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Belly Busting Benefits of Balsamic Vinegar

May 29

Balsamic vinegar is a tasty topping that can help you to lose weight. That’s because vinegar with its acidic properties slows down the body’s ability to absorb sugar. To keep starchy foods from converting to sugar, eat foods like pasta or rice with balsamic vinegar. Not only will this provide belly-busting benefits, it will also make you feel …

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 Women’s Fitness

Long Lean and Alive – The Benefits Of Staying Fit

May 22

What is so great about women’s fitness and why is it so important to stay fit? Not only will maintaining fitness keep your weight down and give you a long, lean body, it also plays a major part in keeping your body healthy and alive. It has been proven time and again that regular exercise, a sensible and nutrient rich diet and an active lifestyle are important factors in keeping your body working to its maximum potential. Simple tasks such as …

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Motivational Moments In An Otherwise Crazy Schedule

May 15

Most days I stay busy from sun up to sun down. It’s not that I like to have such a crazy schedule, but there are so many things I want and feel the need to do each day that it’s hard to take it easy. I confess, I do take a restful day usually on Sunday, to enjoy time with family and friends because I believe one day of rest is needed to recharge and refresh. All throughout my busy days however, I find …

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Journaling – The Best Kept Secret For Staying In Shape

May 8

When asked what my secret is for staying in shape, my response varies. I could answer that it is my diet or that I exercise 6 days a week or that I truly believe that a fit body is a healthy body. The truth is that journaling is the real secret behind my success.

Journaling is the act of keeping a journal. While there are all sorts of journals, like work journals, travel journals, or personal journals much like diaries, the journaling I am referring to is …

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Overcoming The Urge To Binge

May 1

When you are trying to diet and have decided to eat healthy foods, you might find it hard to resist the urge to binge. Binges affect women differently, but more importantly is how we deal with these urges to “pig out” that has the biggest effect on our lives. Binging has many disadvantages especially when it means …

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