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When You Are Tired Of Being Tired

March 27

Do you often feel tired during the day? Have you ever fallen asleep at an inopportune time? It could be that you aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep each night. If you are getting less than 7-8 hours of sleep each day, chances are you are suffering from sleep deprivation.

Not getting enough sleep can be dangerous for your health. Sleep deprivation can …

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Comparing Apples To Oranges

March 20

I’ve always heard that you can’t compare apples to oranges. Now usually that’s just a saying that applies to comparing two matters that are totally different. However, when it comes to nutrition, you might want to combine rather than compare your apples and oranges.

Both type of fruit are healthy choices, both supply much needed vitamins and nutrients and both are …

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 Women’s Fitness

Planning Your Workout

March 13

When you want a successful women’s fitness program, the first thing you must do is plan your workout. It must fit into your lifestyle if it is ever going to work for you. It can’t just happen on its own; you are one who must make it work and the only way to ensure that is to make a plan for your workout.

If you plan to go to the gym or play tennis three times a week, you must …

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Time To Take Charge

March 6

Now that you have decided to lose weight and get in shape, you may be looking for the motivation to keep you inspired. I am here to help you every step of the way whether you are searching the Fitness4Her website or out shopping the town. If you are interested in losing weight and keeping it off, then it’s time to learn to take charge of your life. Losing weight is …

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