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Super Charge Your Diet With A Fitness Journal

February 27

When you want to super charge your diet, start a fitness journal. Journaling provides a positive avenue to project your goals and also helps you define a path for success. Journaling details your own private journey when you take an idea and turn it into something magnificent. This is what occurs when you decide to lose weight and get fit. First, you become inspired, next, you grasp the …

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Inspire and Be Inspired

February 20

What or who inspires your intellect and emotions? Different people inspire us throughout our lives. Teachers, preachers, friends and family members as well as celebrities have the power and position to offer inspiration. There are probably many people whom you inspire, too. It could be because of your perseverance in the face of adversity or your dedication and commitment to your goals. Inspiration is a two way street that can …

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5 Exercises To Tone Your Tush

February 13

Want a rear view that gets rave reviews? Tone up your tush with these exercises guaranteed to give you glamorous glutes in just 30 minutes a day.

Each of these exercises is designed to firm your fanny by working the quadriceps, gluteals and hamstring muscles throughout the butt and leg area of your backside. Strengthening these muscles will alleviate stress and strengthen your back and …

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Do I Believe My Affirmations After All?

February 6

When you say your affirmations, do you stand in front of a mirror? Standing in front of a mirror and looking deep into your own eyes, you come face to face with yourself and connect with your subconscious and allow the power of your affirmations to …

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