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Lose Weight By Eating More Often

November 28

Going for long periods of time without eating causes your metabolism to all but shut down to conserve fat and energy. A slower metabolism burns less calories. When you eat three large meals per day, you will tend to eat more at each meal and with a slower metabolism, it will be more difficult to burn off those calories.

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Jogging Your Memory and Your Body

November 21

When it comes to losing weight, there really is no better way to effectively beat back the bulge than with jogging or running. Nearly 60 percent of all people that start running do so to take off the pounds, but running can also provide even more health benefits than just weight loss.

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Its Who You Are, Not How Much You Weigh

November 14

Have you ever stepped onto the scales and just hated the number that appeared as your weight? Many of us have felt that disappointment. However, for some women, they are so ashamed of their weight that they experience self-loathing or depression.

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Journal to Empower Beauty

November 7

What does it mean to empower? It is the act of giving power. Therefore, when you empower the beauty in you, you give power to that beauty or in other words allow the beauty to come forth, to authorize its presence, if you will.

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