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Your Strategic Plan for Fitness

October 31

Do you have a strategic plan in place to get your body in the best shape ever? As in all business endeavors, you need a strategic plan that will resonate throughout your mind body and spirit for effective implementation.

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You Are Who You Think You Are

October 24

As she thinks…so she is. Are you a winner or a loser? If you think you are defeated, then you are. If you think you are successful, then you are. Now, that’s not saying that you are successful in everything that you do, but you are successful at something, probably lots of things. The point […]

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If Leftovers Taste Funny – It May Be The Refrigerator

October 18

If fairly fresh leftovers are beginning to taste or smell funny, it could be your refrigerator that is causing this unappetizing effect. The household refrigerator is a real workhorse, constantly running but many times getting no place. When the refrigerator is holding too many old foods, or has been neglected when it comes to cleanliness, it may be time to clear out everything and give the cold box a complete cleaning.

Most women don’t truly understand the dangers of…

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Food Is Not Your Problem

October 10

Let your healthy eating become your lifestyle. Fitness4Her is a permanent plan that you can live by without counting calories and depriving yourself. You will learn to eat when you are hungry. Make healthy choices every 3 hours and use portion control. This will become your way of life. Don’t think of yourself having a weight problem or an eating problem. Think of the world of food as a field that you can master. It’s not as difficult as you think. You can do this. First, make up your mind that…

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Affirming Healthy Boundaries

October 1

Do you set healthy boundaries FOR YOURSELF?

Do you realize you have every right to do so. You teach people how to treat you by doing so. It might be time to draw that healthy line in the sand. It’s a sign of self respect and it all starts with you.

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