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Catching “Fitness Fever”—You’ve Never Felt So Good

August 26

Some people admit to me that they would rather do anything than workout. They wonder how I stay motivated. Well the truth is, I enjoy it so much that I can’t imagine what it would be like without it. Sure, I didn’t always exercise so regularly, there was a time when I rarely exercised. I knew if I could tell you some of the things that worked for me, then maybe when you felt the need for a little motivation, these ideas might help you too. So I went back to my archives and dug up some of the tips that helped me catch “fitness fever.”

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Healthy Cooking

Cha-cha Mamas Chicken and Black Bean Burrito

August 21

A great reason to say Ole! This tasty treat is good to eat, and you don’t have to go South of the Border to enjoy this butt-kicking burrito. Serve for lunch or during the week for dinner. It makes a great snack for the kids if you want to cut them into. Serves 4.

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7 Fun Ways to Exercise without Hitting the Gym

August 11

Who says you can’t get a great workout and still have fun? For many of us, the hardest part about exercising is just finding the motivation to get started. There’s really not much to look forward to when you run on the treadmill at the gym or lift weights.

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