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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

May 22

You’ve been dieting and exercising for a few months now but you don’t seem to be losing as much weight as you were in the beginning of your program. It’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t see results.

In order to keep you motivated, we need to first uncover your definition of results. Why did you begin the program? Was your initial reason to begin dieting and exercising to lose weight?

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Healthy Cooking

Yummy Couscous

May 18

I love couscous, it is one of my favorite fun foods to eat. Serve it with any protein for a well-balanced meal. You can have it for lunch, dinner or snack.

Health Benefits:
Low in saturated fat, low in calories, low in cholesterol, low in sodium, couscous is an excellent choice for complex carbohydrates. It is a good source of protein, although I recommend eating it with an additional protein.

1 Tbsp olive oil
3/4 cup onion
1/2 cup…

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The Wonders Of Watermelon

May 15

Refreshing and sweet, watermelon is a wonderful fruit, especially on a warm summer day. Low in calories but very flavorful, this fruit can satisfy your sugar craving while quenching your thirst. An especially healthy fruit, watermelon reduces inflammation and is one of the healthier fruits for diabetics because of this.

Watermelon is an excellent source of …

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Let’s Go Shopping—Grocery Store Savoir-faire

May 10

Many women find themselves going to the grocery store with full intentions of buying healthy foods, only to come home with bags of cookies, potato chips, butter, fats and cheese? It can be difficult to change the way that you shop for your weekly foods to match you healthy diet plans.

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The Secret Ingredient To A Healthy Lifestyle

May 4

The path to a fit and healthy body is not only achievable; it’s much easier than you can imagine. But it requires a secret ingredient that is such a critical component that without it, you will fail time and time again.

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