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Affirmations for Healthy Eating

December 28

Affirmations are the appetizer for the brain when it comes to a successful diet program. We all know the important role that the brain plays in most of the habits that come from overeating or eating the wrong foods. That’s why affirmations work so well in a women’s fitness program. When it comes to staying committed to your body, these daily declarations of victory can bring you closer to your fitness and weight loss goals.

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Karen Reveals Five Secrets To Successful Dieting

December 26

Successful dieting depends on the type of foods that we eat. So much of what we put into our body is just junk food. Very little nutritional value and many times way too high in fat, sugar and salt.

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 Women’s Fitness

Visualization, The Key To Women’s Fitness

December 12

When top athletes enter the ring, many of them have practiced a widely respected mind game known as visualization. Either, due to the fact that they have been there before or because they have totally imagined the scenario and practiced their reactions, the act of visualization allows these athletes to perform under pressure with spectacular results.

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Healthy Cooking

Shrimp and Fennel in Garlic Sauce

December 8

I had this entrée at one of my favorite restaurants and found it so satisfying although they gave me way more food than I could eat at one sitting. I experimented with it at home and came up with this version.

1 lb large shrimp (cleaned)
2 Tbsp fresh …

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The Madness Behind The Women’s Fitness Craze

December 7

Certain times of the year we seem motivated to begin a fitness program. After the holidays is one time, but the other time of the year is in the late spring. As we shed our winter clothing, it becomes obvious that we also need to shed some pounds too. January and May are some of the busiest months for gym memberships, but women’s fitness should be an all year ‘round event, not a twice a year craze.

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