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Does Your Family Inspire You To Succeed?

November 30

Many times we rely on our family members to keep us grounded or inspire us to succeed. Our spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, children or extended family can be the best sources of inspiration, standing on the sidelines, cheering us on. However, in some cases they can become the nay-sayers, the ones who discourage us before we even begin.

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Dance Fever For Women’s Fitness

November 28

Dancing your way to a svelte and thinner you might be just the women’s fitness program you need. Dancing burns calories, promotes flexibility and improves coordination. It is a social activity so it also promotes positive feelings both mentally and spiritually.

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How To Say Affirmations To Lose Weight

November 23

Affirmations are an integral part of a successful women’s fitness program. Along with helping to control diet and encourage healthy eating, affirmations will greatly enhance any exercise program, too.

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How To Make Counting Calories A Thing Of The Past

November 21

Calories are not a bad thing – in fact calories are the way we get our energy from food. Your body has an insatiable appetite for energy and uses the calories from food to keep functioning. Energy from calories fuels all of your body’s actions; much like gasoline powers your car.

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 Women’s Fitness

Five Food Fundamentals For Fabulous Fitness

November 7

Did you know that what you eat could affect your women’s fitness performance? Eating right can give you the edge to help energize your exercise program and give you the stamina you need to endure a strenuous workout.

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