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Journal Your Way to A Thinner You

October 31

Are you interested in reducing your waistline, losing some weight and becoming a thinner version of yourself? You might be interested to know that reaching your desired women’s fitness goals is only a pen and journal away. That’s because it has been proven that those women who keep a journal of everything that they eat and drink and all of their activities have a greater chance of success than those who do not.

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A Fitness Program That Can Keep You Inspired For Life

October 26

If you are having trouble staying inspired to exercise, maybe the problem is not with you but with your current fitness plan. Women have different needs than men that’s because a woman’s body is different than a man’s. Exercises, diets and supplements that work for men may not perform as well with a woman’s body. She needs a fitness program designed for her.

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Best Exercises To Sculpt A Beautiful Butt

October 24

A nicely shaped butt looks great in jeans and tight skirts, and it is the lasting impression you leave behind as you walk away. Women’s butts come in a variety of sizes and shapes, some are meatier than others, some look perky, while others appear tired and flat. The good news is that exercise can help you sculpt a beautiful butt.

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Open your mind to the endless opportunities that surround you

October 19

Every morning when I arise, I start my day with affirmations. These positive declarations help to train my brain, much like exercise trains my muscles. And just like a well-toned muscle, this mental exercise trains my brain for success.

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Successful Dieting, A Conspiracy Of The Mind And Body

October 17

For most of us, there is some sort of awakening that causes us to make a significant change in the way we eat. Whether it is a health issue or that we want to gain or lose weight, we start looking at what we are eating as the possible starting point of our transformation. We are convinced that this time it will be different.

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