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Fitness On My Mind

September 28

Is your fitness goal on your mind all the time? The more your mind stays focused on your fitness goal, the better chance you have of achieving it. The best way to put it in your conscious mind all the time is to sit down and write out your goals. The reason for this is because your goal isn’t a temporary thing.

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Journal Your Fitness Goals And Achievements

September 26

A primary part of my women’s fitness program is keeping a fitness journal. Journaling is a great tool for newbies or seasoned athletes. Anyone can use journaling to help them reach their goals. No matter what you desire in life, goal planning by writing out your dreams and plans for yourself will help to bring about your success.

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Finding The Will To Make Positive Changes

September 21

Finding the inspiration to make changes in your life doesn’t happen to us every day. It usually sneaks in and sort of takes over our thoughts, tugging at our mind and heart. Inspiration is a wonderful feeling, and the idea to lose weight and get fit most always begins with inspiration.

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Why You Should Include Resistance Training In Your Work Out

September 19

Fitness4Her combines resistance training and cardio workouts for a total women’s fitness program that is designed to enhance the female figure. Resistance training will help your body to work for you instead of against you. Sometimes referred to as strength training, these exercises target individual muscle groups with specific exercises.

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Empower Beauty With The Power Of Words

September 14

Start your day off with affirmations and you will discover the empowerment of words. Positive words of encouragement and strength, affirmations are a way of speaking to your own mind, heart and soul. You declare something such as a fitness goal, but speak as though you have already attained that goal, thereby empowering the mind to conquer the task.

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