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The Biggest Hurtle to Dieting Is Convincing The Mind

August 29

Your brain is the caveat of success. No matter what your goal, if you want to increase your wealth or shrink your waist, your brain is the power source that will get the job done.

But sometimes the brain needs to be convinced that this is truly what you want.

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What Does It Take To Keep You Motivated For Women’s Fitness?

August 24

Some women are so enthralled in their fitness program that they are motivated simply by their accomplishments. They work out regularly and seem to have no reservations about sticking to a healthy diet. Other women require motivation every day in order to continue their women’s fitness program.

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Form A Habit With Your Fitness Journal

August 22

Diet, exercise and journaling are the three main components to the Fitness4Her women’s fitness program. Each of these plays a major part in helping women look and feel their very best. The good news is that women’s fitness is easily attainable and all it takes is learning to make a habit out of good choices and healthy behaviors.

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Get Moving Towards Your Goal

August 17

When you have a fitness goal, it is easier to become inspired to get moving. Once you know the desired results and allow your mind to really focus on them, you can find the inspiration you need to get started.

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Beautiful Hair, The Bonus Of A Healthy Exercise Program

August 15

Healthy, beautiful hair can be easily attained when a woman’s body is healthy. While many factors attribute to health, exercise improves circulation, strengthens the body and helps to balance hormone levels. Exercise not only makes your body look sexy, it can give you luscious, sexy hair too.

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