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Healthy Cooking

Bluer Than Velvet Pudding

June 30

Just like that romantic song by Bobby Vinton, this pudding will put a smile on your face. That’s because it is a tasty dessert treat that’s low in calories and saturated fat. It is so pretty that you will want to make enough to share with family or friends.

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 Women’s Fitness

Imagine A Thinner You

June 22

Let’s define what being thinner might mean. Well, for starters it means that you weigh less than you do presently. Now, since this is a total exercise of pure imaginary creation, you can envision whatever shape you like. Try to keep your ideal model of the same height since that aspect will remain the same unless you are a growing child.

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Five Motivating Tips To Keep You Fit

June 20

Most of us have experienced the thrill of starting something new. Whether it’s exercise or a new venture, the beginning of a new endeavor can be very stimulating and filled with excitement. But after the first 30 days of exercise, sometimes the interest begins to wane, and then over time, the exhilaration that you once felt turns to boredom.

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Getting Started In Your Fitness Journal

June 17

If you have just started journaling or keeping a fitness journal, you might be confused about how to begin. Following these suggestions will give you a running record of your progress as your work towards your goal. Everyone has a goal in mind, so paving your way with facts and figures will help you get started.

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My Body Inspires Me To Take Care Of It

June 15

My body is my temple and I believe it’s important that I take care of myself. As I get older it has become more and more important for me to stay healthy and physically fit. I pay close attention to what foods I eat and I stay active throughout the day. Adequate rest and relaxation are also fundamental to my state of mind and body, so I stick to a schedule for bedtime too.

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