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10 Tasty Foods That You Can Eat To Lose Weight

March 30

As strange as it may sound, some foods actually help you to lose weight. They require so much work eating and digesting them that they will cause your body to burn calories just processing them. Most of them are high in fiber or have properties that make them unique in the way that the body processes them.

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Making Your Metabolism Work For You

March 25

Most of what controls your metabolism is totally involuntary. You see, some people are born with a high-burning metabolism, while others have a rather slow metabolism and may tend to gain weight easier.

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Sweet Memories With Sweet Potatoes

March 23

An all time family favorite, sweet potatoes bring back some of the best memories from my childhood days. Inexpensive to prepare, we ate them regularly with many meals. Of course, the sweetest times were at family gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since then, I’ve made a regular tradition of including them with various meals for my family and also for my women’s fitness groups. A high source of nutrition, sweet potatoes are an ideal vegetable for women who are interested in maintaining fitness.

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Five Favorite Meals To Eat After A Workout

March 21

I often have women in my fitness classes ask what they should be eating after their exercise program. My reply is always the same, protein and carbs. Protein supplies the amino acids that the body uses to feed, build and replenish every cell. Carbohydrates are converted to sugar and then used as fuel for energy.

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Keep Your Motivation Even When Your Workout Is Compromised

March 18

I was talking with a friend recently who was complaining about her recent weight gain. I was sorry to hear that she was having trouble staying motivated and currently was not participating in any type of women’s exercise program. She had always been active in the past, and it had been a great factor for her personal fitness goals.

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