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30 Minutes To A New You – Upper Body Workout

December 31

Welcome to my 30 Minutes to a New You exercise program, featuring the Upper Body Workout. As you will note in the chart below, each exercise in this workout will help you target specific muscle groups.

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Healthy Cooking

Star-Struck Stir Fried Chicken, Asparagus and Mushroom

December 30

The first night I tried this recipe, there was a meteor shower, that’s how I came up with the name. It kind of stuck and so my kids just refer to it as star-struck chicken. It’s quick to make, it’s healthy and it tastes great.

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Daily Affirmations For A Healthy, Happy Life

December 29

A healthy lifestyle can be your key to a happy life, not only today but in the years to come. Choosing to eat nutritious foods, staying active and exercising daily can improve your health and protect you from diseases later in life. But it has to be a conscious decision that you make for yourself.

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Healthy Cooking

Red Onion, Tomatoes, Black Olive, and Herb Salad

December 28

This salad is as pretty as a pizza. All the colors come together to make this a vibrant dish the whole family will enjoy. Serve with a main dish, sandwich or bowl of soup. Add a sprinkling of croutons or flak seed for a healthy crunch.

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The Benefits of Eating 5 Square Meals a Day

December 27

Who said that eating 3 meals a day was the right way to eat? This custom was created by the conventions of our society, not by the natural demands of our bodies. Nature dictates that when our bodies need food, we feel hunger. But by forcing ourselves to wait to eat, we tend to consume more calories in those three meals a day than we would if we ate 5 smaller meals.

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