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If You Need Inspiration, Start With Some Perspiration

June 30

Need a little inspiration to begin a fitness program? You know what they say about inspiration, it’s 99% perspiration! And that’s never truer than when you are talking about exercising. Seeing the results that exercise provides is usually all the inspiration that’s required to get motivated. Results like a stronger physique and beautiful six-pack abs.

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Healthy Cooking

Baked Chicken Cutlets

June 29

You’ll never feel like you are on a calorie-restrictive diet with this entree. It’s so delicious, you’ll feel like you are cheating. Serve with twice baked potatoes, sweet potato fries or whole wheat pasta.

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Say Yes to Sex!

June 28

There is something very sexy about a woman who cares for her body. It’s true for men, too. Perhaps, it’s because pampered, physically fit bodies represent health and beauty and that’s very sexy, indeed.

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June 26

I always recommend stretching and warming the muscles before exertion in order to avoid injuries. However, sometimes during exercise, sports or even everyday tasks, muscles can become overstressed and injuries may occur. The discomfort from the injury can get in the way of a successful fitness program. That’s when it helps to have some hot and cold therapy to relieve the pain.

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Positive Affirmations For Fitness

June 25

When you feel your motivation start to suffer from a slump, you might try positive affirmations to get you back on track. Many people find that affirmations are the fuel to get them going each and every day. I believe in these and begin each day by saying my own. Positive self-talk is vital to a healthy mind and body. To get you started, I’ve gathered 35 affirmations geared for fitness. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat any number of these affirmations to your self to give you the charge you need to get going.

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