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9 Simple Rules to Food Shopping on a Diet

May 31

It’s one thing to want to lose weight, and it’s another to actually put a plan into motion to lose weight. Dieting can be all well and good, but just one bad trip to your local grocery store can undue your eating habits for the next week or so!

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Healthy Cooking

Sweet and Sour Chicken

May 27

You can use store bought sweet and sour sauce or make your own, low calorie version. I’ve included my own favorite sweet and sour sauce recipe here, also. Spoon over rice and serve 6 to 8 hungry guests.

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 Women’s Health

Exposing the Skinny-The Other Side of Weight Problems

May 26

When the majority of us think about weight problems in the United States, we immediately think about the huge problem with obesity this country faces. Sure, most of us have waged war with the belt before. And who hasn’t had to try to squeeze themselves into their favorite pair of jeans every now and then?

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Healthy Cooking

Marinated Broccoli

May 25

A great side dish with a little something added to sweeten the prize. These broccoli bites are served chilled, to bring out the full flavor.

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Life Imitates Artichokes

May 24

Okay, life imitates art is the correct quote by Oscar Wilde but I thought I’d have a little fun with a great vegetable that’s highly versatile. I’m talking about the artsy looking artichoke.

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