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Eat Plenty of Protein From Lean Sources

July 29

Protein is of course healthy and necessary, but just because a food is high in protein doesn’t mean that the food itself is healthy—especially when the protein comes in a food high in saturated fat. Lean sources of protein are egg whites, soy, products made from wheat gluten, vegetables (yes, vegetables contain protein; romaine lettuce contains more protein per calorie than meat), lean cuts of chicken, turkey or fish.

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Positive Gratitude Overcomes The Negativity of Guilt

July 27

Are you holding on to regrets of the past? Have you refused to forgive yourself for failing to be perfect? Do you dwell on disappointment? Is all this negativity putting a strain on your health and well-being?

Break free from all the torture and pain of regret and disillusionment. Refuse to be a prisoner of the past. You cannot undo anything that has already happened. Leave the past in the past. While you might not be able to do much about something you did wrong yesterday, you can do much to make things right today.

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Sticking to Your Fitness Plan

July 22

So, you bought the gym membership months ago, and you’ve been there how many times? Enough to not resent the monthly fee you’re dishing out?

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Program Your Mind For Fitness

July 17

When you think about losing weight and getting in shape, are you focusing on the past or are you looking to the future? Concentrating on failures of yesterday cannot change anything. No one has the power to alter the circumstances that took place previously. Nor can we predict the future. However, what we do today has a great impact on what will take place tomorrow.

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Foods That Make You Pretty

July 15

Did you know that some foods can enhance a woman’s beauty? Foods high in anti-oxidants and vitamins have anti-aging properties that benefit the complexion. A variety of other foods help to minimize wrinkles, improve eyesight and whiten the teeth.

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