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Jump Into Something New To Keep Your Fitness Program Moving

June 24

Thinking about changing up your fitness program but not sure what to do? Why not jump into a new sport, like swimming or skating. Mastering a new game will help to invigorate a whole new group of muscles, revitalize your fitness routine and make you stronger and more….

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Forget Fad Diets—They’re For Losers

June 22

You might find you lose weight with some fad diets—most of the time it is only temporary. The truth is losing weight requires a change in your lifestyle, that is if you want to keep those extra pounds from coming back.

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You Are So Beautiful

June 19

I believe that every woman is a beautiful being. Created perfectly, complete with flaws unique only to her. By empowering the beauty within us, we embrace our unique beauty, we celebrate our power, and we allow ourselves to become significant.

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