10 Reasons You Must Include Aerobics To Your Women’s Fitness Program

January 10

If fitness is your ultimate goal or even if you just want to lose weight, aerobics is a key ingredient to help you achieve it. Aerobics or cardiovascular exercises, raise your heart rate for at least 20 minutes and help to improve the way your heart functions. These activities help to build endurance and strength too.

Because I thoroughly believe that exercise is an important part of everyday, I’ve put together 10 really good reasons that you should include aerobics to your women’s fitness program.

1. Improves heart function. By raising your heartbeat for at least 20 minutes, you increase its endurance and strength.
2. Increases lung performance. Your lungs like other parts of your body, need to work every now and then in order to function at its optimum. Aerobics helps to expand the lungs and improve stamina and strength.
3. Keeping the heart and lungs working well are paramount to being able to master certain strenuous exercises. Once your endurance is built up, it’s easier to complete your workout in a relatively short amount of time.
4. Helps you to lose weight. Aerobics allows your body to burn fat by increasing your heart rate. As your body signals stress, it begins to burn the stored fat deposits which helps you to lose weight.
5. Aerobics makes you look sexy. As you burn fat and lose weight, you’ll notice that your body is looking sexier than ever.
6. Keeps you from getting sick as often. Aerobics is a great way to stay healthy. That’s because it activates your immune system.
7. Improves health-related issues. Aerobics has been known to improve blood pressure, cholesterol as well as sugar levels, helping to ward off diabetes.
8. Fight off depression. Regular aerobic activities have been known to improve a person’s mood and help to stem the effects of depression. Not only does the increase in your heart rate improve your mood, aerobic activities can be lots of fun and sociable too.
9. Aerobic exercises improve your coordination. Especially as we age, coordination is important to a healthy lifestyle. Aerobic activities are a great way to make the mind, body spirit connection.
10. Help you live longer. With all the benefits that aerobics offers, living longer should top the chart. However, since it encompasses all of the benefits I have noted thus far, I figured it was fitting to have it at the end as a sort of summary to the blessed effects that aerobics offers to our health and well being. Not only today but well into our future.

Hopefully with the above ten benefits I’ve done a good job of convincing you to add aerobics to your workout routine. If you will engage in at least 30 minutes of aerobics for three days a week, you’ll get some dynamic results. Alternate these cardiovascular moves with strength training exercises for the most effective exercise program.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. There has been so much emphasis on strength training lately that some may be tempted to think aerobic exercise is not needed. Thanks for making it clear why we cannot give up our aerobics~!

  2. Deb on 01/12/2011 at 8:56 am
  3. So true. Aerobics is a key element in any overall fitness plan.

  4. Carolyn on 01/19/2011 at 4:11 pm

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