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A Sexy Smile Can Transform Your Face

January 29

A warm smile can melt an iceberg. There is something sexy about pretty teeth, especially when a woman smiles. A subtle invitation that indicates friendliness, most public speakers will tell you that they seek out a smiling face in a crowd to relieve stage fright. When a sincere smile shows ..

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Happy New Year

A Fresh New Outlook for The New Year

January 1

If you truly want to change your lifestyle this year, ask yourself what steps have you taken to see your dream fulfilled? Have you created a functional life plan for 2015? In order to reach your goal of a healthier lifestyle, you must start out with ..

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Why I Love To Exercise

December 28

I asked ten ladies about their relationship with exercise and got some interesting and motivating responses. The ladies I chose to interview all participated in exercise to some degree. Most of them ..

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Seizing The Day With Positive Affirmations

December 15

Each day we are faced with many decisions and temptations. Whether to skip the gym in order to take care of personal responsibilities, how to resist a favorite dessert at a family gathering, when to say no to alcoholic beverages, the list goes on and on. Making the ..

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The Amazing Diet That Lets You Eat All Day and Still Lose Weight

December 1

If you have tried diet after diet only to be starving yourself and seeing minimal results, my diet may be the solution to your weight loss problems. Since we can’t live without food, it is ironic that many diets starve their followers by reducing the ..

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It’s Not Just a Diet and an Exercise Program – It’s A Lifestyle

Oftentimes women will ask me the question…

“What is the best diet plan or exercise program for women to use in order to lose weight?” I hesitate when presented with this challenge because no two people are alike. What works for one woman may or may not work for everyone. The truth is, a temporary diet plan may work temporarily. Just like crash diets, a method of eating that requires you to cut back on calories for a short time will produce results the same way… for a short time.

The same is true when it comes to exercise. Going for a two-mile hike one day and not exercising again for the following three weeks, does not constitute an active exercise program. In order for exercise programs to work for your body, you must be an active participant. Like a healthy diet—exercise must become part of your life.

Ladies, once you begin thinking of it this way, you will assure your success because your diet, and exercise program will become a natural part of who you are rather than just something that you are doing.

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