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Love Your Heart With An Active Lifestyle

November 4

The number one killer of women is heart disease, according to the American Heart Association®. The good news is, there are many steps you can take to protect your heart and make it healthier. But first you need to know your risk factors, important information like …

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The Healthy Benefits of Tea – Nature’s Beneficial Brew

October 17

If you want a drink that will keep you healthy, make you feel younger and possibly live longer, put down that coffee cup and try a hot cup of tea, instead. Although, it contains caffeine, tea is especially beneficial to your heart and overall health. Tea contains …

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Early To Bed And Plenty Of Rest

September 25

Rest is essential for women who want to be healthy and fit. Most people require 7 to 10 hours of sleep each day to reach their full potential. Not only is the amount of sleep important for optimum health, research has shown the time of day that we …

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How to Make Goals That Work for You

September 8

Have you set any goals for yourself lately? Do you believe that your goals are attainable? If you’re wishing to drop twenty pounds, do you have a plan to reduce your weight? Do you know what it takes to lose those twenty pounds? You may need to …

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Begin A Fitness Journal Today

August 26

Maintaining a diet and fitness journal has been proven to be the number one motivator for helping a person succeed with their goals. Writing down everything you eat and drink and all of your activities each day will help you track your progress as you …

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It’s Not Just a Diet and an Exercise Program – It’s A Lifestyle

Oftentimes women will ask me the question…

“What is the best diet plan or exercise program for women to use in order to lose weight?” I hesitate when presented with this challenge because no two people are alike. What works for one woman may or may not work for everyone. The truth is, a temporary diet plan may work temporarily. Just like crash diets, a method of eating that requires you to cut back on calories for a short time will produce results the same way… for a short time.

The same is true when it comes to exercise. Going for a two-mile hike one day and not exercising again for the following three weeks, does not constitute an active exercise program. In order for exercise programs to work for your body, you must be an active participant. Like a healthy diet—exercise must become part of your life.

Ladies, once you begin thinking of it this way, you will assure your success because your diet, and exercise program will become a natural part of who you are rather than just something that you are doing.

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